What is sustainable code compliance?

Sustainable code compliance is a mandatory requirement whereby all building construction needs to achieve minimum energy and water saving targets as legislated by the building codes of Australia. Did you know that there are 6 types of Sustainable Code Compliances in Australia? They include:

BCA Section J – Building Code Australia – a code which makes it mandatory for all buildings to be ‘Energy Efficient’.

Green Star – a voluntary rating system for sustainable building designs in Australia that aims to improve environmental efficiency in buildings.

NABERS – a mandatory national rating system, which measures the environmental performance of buildings through their energy, water usage, waste management and indoor environmental quality.

BASIX – a mandatory measurement tool in NSW, which ensures that residential dwellings are meeting efficient water and energy usage. 

NatHERS – a national framework that uses a 10 star rating to determine the level of thermal performance in Australia.

NFRC THERM & WINDOWS, Assessment – a requirement for all newly installed glazing systems as specified by the Building Code of Australia. 

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