Renyi building value engineering experts in Sydney with tips on improving the sustainability of your home
13th July 2018

When it comes to making your own home sustainable, you may not be able to restructure the entire home, but you can implement small strategies that will make a difference, save energy and cut pollution.

Our sustainable building consultants in Sydney share a few ways to enhance sustainability in your home:

Install solar panels

Generate your own clean electricity at home by utilising the sun’s energy. It’s an affordable option to reduce your power bills, increasing the value of your home and remains one of the lowest maintenance options once installed.

Water saving shower-heads

There are just so many options on the market these days as they have grown in popularity. All of the best brands offer water saving shower-heads and with ecological advances in technology you need not worry that there will be any reduction in water pressure.

Install a rainwater tank

All of your water from your roof need not be wasted. Installing a rainwater tank when building a new home is now compulsory in Australia but it’s a simple addition to your current dwelling, with all of the shapes and sizes on offer to fit any size home. Your rainwater can be used for your washing, gardens and toilets, saving vast amounts of water and providing a cost effective solution to reducing your water bill.


To save on heating and cooling costs, it’s imperative to insulate walls, ceilings and under your floor. You can go a step further and install double-glazed windows or if the cost is too high, hang thermal-backed curtains. Insulation is practical and cost efficient, saving you up to 40% in energy costs.

These were just a few of the simple ways of reducing the environmental impact of your home and for more great tips and advice on green building contact Renyi, the sustainable HVAC consultants in Sydney.

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