Renyi engineering consultants for green building in Sydney on sustainable building facades
17th May 2018

Our sustainable facade consultants in Sydney explain that a façade is the external weatherproof casing of a building. In most modern buildings, the façade is attached to the building frame, providing no contribution to the structural stability. This type of façade can be referred to as a non-loadbearing vertical building enclosure.

A façade is a barrier that separates a building’s interior from the external environment, creating the image of the building, hence a sustainable façade is defined as an exterior enclosure that uses the least possible amount of energy to maintain a comfortable environment, reducing environmental impact.

The role of a sustainable facade is to reduce buildings’ energy consumption, from lighting, space heating, space cooling and ventilation to refrigeration and water heating.

Our sustainable façade consultants in Sydney explain that there are two types of facades. The first being an Opaque Façade which is primarily constructed of layers of solid materials, such as masonry, stone, precast concrete panels, metal cladding, insulation, and cold formed steel framing. Opaque facades may also include punched openings or windows.

The other type of facade is called a Glazed Façade, which includes curtain walls or storefronts which primarily consist of transparent or translucent glazing materials and metal framing components.

When it comes to designing a sustainalbe facade, thermal comfort is of the utmost importance. Renyi code compliance consultants take the following façade design fundamentals into consideration:

  •   Orientation of the building to respond to solar position.
  •   Solar shading to control cooling loads and improve thermal comfort.
  •   Natural ventilation to reduce cooling loads and enhance air quality.
  •   Minimising energy used for artificial lighting and mechanical cooling   and heating by optimising exterior wall insulation and day lighting.

To find out more about our environmental building design services, contact our friendly team of engineering consultants for green buildings in Sydney. 

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