Renyi experts in building value engineering in Sydney explain the factors contributing to thermal comfort
25th May 2018

Thermal comfort refers to a number of conditions in which the majority of people feel comfortable within their environment.

Our experts in building value engineering in Sydney explain thermal comfort is rated is one of the most important conditions for improving the wellbeing and satisfaction of occupants with their indoor environment.

Here our sustainable façade consultants share the 6 factors influencing thermal comfort:

  •       Air temperature
  •       Mean radiant temperature
  •       Air velocity 
  •       Humidity
  •       Clothing level
  •       Physical activity level

If the factors above are combined it’s possible to predict an average comfort rating. It’s not always possible to reach a thermal environment that satisfies all the occupants of a building due to their personal preferences but it's still possible to specify conditions that are likely to be perceived as acceptable to most.

To find out more about how to achieve optimal thermal comfort in a sustainable building, contact our team of ESD consultants in Sydney.

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