Sustainable Code Compliance

Renyi, sustainable building specialists Sydney, are the experts in code compliance.

Our Code Compliance services ensure that you are meeting all of your compulsory building sustainability obligations with minimum fuss. We provide you with the necessary reports for an efficient council Development Approval (DA) and Post-Occupancy Certification process, using our in-depth building compliance knowledge.



BCA Section J – Building Code of Australia

It is a mandatory requirement that all Australian building projects comply with the Building Code of Australia, with Section J relating to ‘Energy Efficiency’.

A thorough report must be completed at the Development Approval (DA) stage and construction certification stage to demonstrate the ways in which energy & greenhouse gas emissions are reduced through implementation of energy efficiency measures.

We provide support through the entire process, delivering a complete, in depth compliance report to ensure a timely approval/certification process for your sustainable project.



Green Star

Green Star is a voluntary rating system for sustainable building design in Australia, helping to improve environmental efficiency in buildings.

Whether you're a building owner or tenant, Renyi sustainable building consultants will guide you seamlessly through the detailed Green Star application framework, consulting with your builders and designers to ensure that your project meets the ‘approval rating criteria’.

Green Star certification for communities, design/as built, interior or performance will enhance your environmental reputation whilst minimising your ecological footprint, adding value to your workplace environment for years to come.




NABERS (National Australian Built Energy Rating System) is a mandatory national rating system that measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings and tenancies through their energy & water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality.

NABERS is a star rating system that assists you, as a property owner or tenant, to improve the sustainable performance of your dwelling so that you can reap financial benefits and build on your environmental reputation.

You can rest easy, knowing that our experienced, sustainable building consultants, Sydney have you covered, delivering your detailed certification and consultancy report to ensure an efficient approval process.




BASIX (Building Sustainability Certificate) is a mandatory assessment tool in NSW, introduced to ensure that residential dwellings and developments are meeting efficiency targets in relation to water and energy use. It is a compulsory component of your residential Development Application, obligatory in all stages of development for alterations and additions over fifty thousand dollars, including pools and new dwellings.

By engaging Renyi sustainable building consultants, you can be certain that your home project complies with all BASIX criteria, from lighting, ventilation and heating/cooling to dwelling orientation and insulation.

Combining our experience in sustainable building design with our true eye for detail, Renyi green building consultants, Sydney provide you with a comprehensive assessment, advise and certification reports to ensure your structure is compliant with the mandatory regulations.




NatHERS (Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme) is a national framework that uses a 10 star rating system to determine the level of thermal performance in Australian homes.

When submitting a Development Application, a NatHERS assessment report must also be completed.

Our sustainable building engineers, Sydney will ensure that your desired project gets off to a great start. We take pride in our efficient consultancy services, ensuring that your DA and Construction Certification stages have an approved NatHERS thermal efficiency star rating to get your project under way with minimum fuss.



NFRC THERM & Windows assessment is required to be undertaken for all new installed glazing systems as specified by the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Our sustainable building engineers, Sydney are experienced in undertaking the analysis using in the 2D thermal modelling software (THERM and WINDOW) – produced by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), in accordance with AFRC/NFRC procedures.

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