Sustainable Facades Consultation

Sustainable Facades Consultation are a key aspect in the optimisation of both the energy usage and thermal comfort of a building. Renyi, engineering consultants for green buildings, Sydney are passionate about sustainable design that is both architecturally appealing and environmentally functional.

Our sustainable façade consultants, Sydney offer a unique, sustainable Façade Consultation Service, by providing instrumental advice on the following:

  • Developing thermally efficient façade systems in response to external elements affecting building performance;
  • Passive ventilation design, looking at the physics of air flow and smart solar control measures;
  • Minimised external façade reflectivity. Night purge using operable facades and buoyancy; wind and thermal gradients between inside and outside environments to cool building structures
  • Use of active/thermal mass design principles to modulate the internal space temperature for thermal comfort.
  • Develop natural daylight penetration into occupied spaces
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