About Renyi

Renyi sustainable building specialists Sydney, offer a comprehensive range environmental building design solutions, approaching each project with the aim of providing sustainable construction solutions.

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Pragmatic Design Solutions

Our environmental building design team takes a rational approach, incorporating scientific data to influence sustainable building design in response to external elements that affect each building.

Improved Building Performance

Our sustainable building consultants takes pride in our ability to apply customised design principals to each and every project. Our use of computer simulation allows us to accurately predict a buildings performance in relation to thermal performance and occupancy comfort.

Swift and Cost Effective Approach

Renyi is an industry leader in providing proficient, cost effective environmental building solutions. We uphold our strong emphasis on delivering excellent value by directly liaising with your design teams in the early stages of the tendering process to enhance project efficiency.

Embracing New Technologies

To achieve sustainable building design with an innovative edge, the expertise of our sustainable building design team, lies in the implementation of the latest technological advancements, including integrated photovoltaic, energy and water management systems as well as smart glass systems.


Renyi, sustainable HVAC consultants Sydney, centre our philosophy on our ability to provide an unsurpassed, sustainable building design consultancy service that bridges the gap between design and 'as-built' building performance.


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