As experienced, green building design consultants Sydney, our expertise in ecologically sustainable development spans numerous projects from high rise residential housing to commercial spaces and buildings such as hotels, office buildings and shopping centres.

Renyi provides specialised design consultancy services, aimed at providing value engineering and optimal design evaluation with the goal of improving environmental stability and operation efficiency of buildings.

Our sustainable building evaluation specialists provide the following core services:

Sustainable HVAC Consultation

A sustainable HVAC consultation is key when designing and constructing a development of any size. Factors such as heating, ventilation and insulation systems must be meticulously investigated with the goal of providing thermal comfort solutions that minimalise ecological impact.

Sustainable Facades Consultation

Sustainable Facades Consultation are a key aspect in the optimisation of both the energy usage and thermal comfort of a building. Renyi, engineering consultants for green buildings, Sydney are passionate about sustainable design that is both architecturally appealing and environmentally functional.

Sustainable Code Compliance

Our Code Compliance services ensure that you are meeting all of your compulsory building sustainability obligations with minimum fuss. We provide you with the necessary reports for an efficient council Development Approval (DA) and Post-Occupancy Certification process, using our in-depth building compliance knowledge.

Alternative Design Engineering

Here at Renyi, we have developed an alternative design methodology service, applying engineering judgement and practical knowledge to help you enhance the environmental design of your development.

Value Engineering Management

Our Value Engineering Management service has been implemented to improve the performance of building designs through optimal design evaluation. We undertake an engineering management approach to find a balance between ecology impact, cost and practical usage of buildings.

Renewable Energy Photovoltaics Consultation

Here at Renyi, our green building consultants in Sydney specialise in providing independent assessments to enhance the sustainability of buildings through technologically advanced, renewable energy solutions.

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